While working to build a new digital marketing department for a large company, I worked with creative agencies as well as all internal departments and employees in the field. I understand the importance of leveraging these tools but also the reality of local businesses owners trying to focus on daily business operations. I am able to help bridge that gap alongside you at a more affordable rate than agencies, yet provide the same quality of content! I’ll learn about your business and help you get your message out effectively and to the right audience. Call, text, or email me today and let’s get to work!

Testimonial from Digital Marketing Director & Asst. VP.

Mike Carroll played a major role in helping to build the digital marketing infrastructure that is in place at our business today. I have a staff of seven today (five associates and two contractors) but in the beginning it was just Mike and I). I was the manager so Mike brought to the table the skills to design, build, and deploy emails, landing pages, and banners that allowed first year double digit growth in sales and revenue for the digital department.

I recall with one of the earlier email deployments that we were caught so off guard with the response that the sales department scrambled for weeks to catch up with the resulting quotes and sales. This campaign alone resulted in close to a quarter of a million dollars in revenue—an unexpected surprised that was added in the final month of the final quarter of the year.

Mike, however, went beyond technical contributions by contributing marketing expertise in the areas of creative content, campaign strategies, and deployment tactics. Mike straddled the line between offline and online marketing that allowed him to have a unique perspective, different and arguably more valuable than most in the organization. Mike co-managed social campaigns to bridge this offline and online approach by coordinating and supervising a small group of field personnel in a pilot social experiment. Mike’s contribution of both written and video content helped him to be successfully in this area as well. His contribution to the building of digital marketing at our company will be forever appreciated and remembered.

Steven Thompson, MBA
Digital Marketing Director, Assistant Vice President
California Casualty Management Company
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